Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse NardinUlysse Nardin is a professional horologist trained by his father named Leonard-Frederic Nardin. Soon, Ulysse, under the guidance of legendary watchmakers Frederic William Dubois and Louis JeanRichard-dit-Bressel, knowing he has perfected his skills, established his own watchmaking company which he popularized after his name.

Ulysse Nardin focused in making Marine chronographs when he saw it was a demand for navies and for explorers who do nautical navigations. As the company grows, the flavors of watches have expanded, creating more models and series that received several awards and accolades.

One of the amazing models the company made is the lineup of Freak watches. These watches do not have a dial, hands, not even a crown. Long before the Freak watches were launched to the public, Ulysse Nardin has been creating unique and practical complication watches that are conventional for sea navigation – some of it received Swiss patents.

From the beginning of its joyous voyage to success, Ulysse Nardin continues its ethos of creating unique and highly accurate chronographs and watches that are not only for fashion but more for practicality and conventionality.

Today, Ulysse Nardin has six magnificent collections of watches; the Marine, Diver, Classic, Executive, Freak, and Jade. Each collection is dedicated to a particular niche of professionals who want to efficiently control their time in their own taste of style.

Interesting Facts About Ulysse Nardin

  • Ulysse Nardin created three astrological timepieces known as the “Trilogy of Time.” The first one is the Astrolabium Galileo Galilei released in 1985. The said watch made its name in the Guinness Book of Records as the most functional Next is the Planetarium Copernicus created in 1988. Then the Tellurium Johannes Kepler in 1992.
  • The Marine watches aren’t really meant for deep water diving (but ironically, they can). It can only be used up to 330 feet deep (100 meters). The Diver Collection is for professional marine activities.
  • From the date of its foundation, Ulysse Nardin already received over 4,000 horological accolades.
  • The company is creating roughly 26,000 watches every year.
  • The movement in the Freak collection showcases silicium – a non-metal element of Silicon that does not need lubrication.

History Timeline of Ulysse Nardin

1846: After being a master watchmaker in Swiss matchmaker companies, Ulysse Nardin decided to venture his own watchmaking company with his name – Ulysse Nardin.

1860: The astronomical regulator created by Jacques-Frederic Houriet (also known as the father of Swiss matchmaking) was acquired by Ulysse. It was used to calibrate Ulysse timepieces.

1876: Ulysse Nardin passed away at the age of 53. His son, Paul-David Nardin, started steering the company. Just as how Ulysse was an expert horology, Paul did not frustrate clienteles. In fact, he won a gold medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition because of his highly technological and innovative marine chronometers as well as the pocket watches.

1890: Ulysse Nardin received Swiss patents for the chronometer mechanism that enables daily winding without the need of reversing the bowl.

1983: Ulysse Nardin company was acquired by Rolf Schnyder.

1985: The first watch of the Trilogy of Time was built known as the Astrolabium Galileo Galileo.

1988: The second timepiece of the Trilogy of Time – Planetarium Copernicus – was released in this year.

1992: The third and final watch of the Trilogy of Time series was built known as the Tellurium Johannes Kepler – derived from Johannes Kepler, a famous German astronaut.

1996: The company celebrates its 150th of continues innovation of watches and complicate chronographs. The celebration resulted in the birth of Marine Chronometer 1846.

2001: The Freak collection was launched to the public.  A year later, the collection won 2002 Innovation Prize, and Watch of the Year award.

2004: The company’s flagship musical multifunctional mechanical watch won the Innovation Prize award in 2004.

2006: The first in-house caliber was developed. It was called Caliber UN-160.

2011: Rolf Schnyder – the owner and President of Ulysse Nardin – died. The company was succeeded by Patrik Hoffmann who is the CEO of Ulysses Nardin up until this date.

2016: The company celebrates the170th year of chronograph making. It is also the 20th anniversary of the Marine Chronometer 1846 built in 1996.

Ulysse Nardin continues to pursue its vision of creating ageless complicated watches that can be bragged not just for aesthetics and fashion statement but for practicality both in professional daily living or for nautical navigations whether you are beyond the reef or somewhere looking the stars looking for directions. Ulysse Nardin watches prove its stand in the modern watchmaking competition.

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