Richard MilleCreating watches that are comparable with Formula 1 cars, this is what the famous luxury watch brand Richard Mille is known for. With prices that are more than a fifty thousand to almost two million dollars, the Richard Mille brand is one of the most expensive and complicated watches to manufacture in the world.

With each timepiece’s price and popularity, it is surprising to learn that Richard Mille is actually one of the newest watchmaking companies in the world of luxury brands. Let’s take a look how Richard Mille made it to the top of the game by learning some of its interesting facts and their short yet fruitful history.

Interesting Facts About Richard Mille

  • Before founding his own company, Richard Mille worked in various watchmaking companies including Finhor and Matra
  • Richard Mille also became a CEO of Mauboussin company’s watchmaking division where he also held the position of Head of Jewellery
  • The brand’s core of operations is located Les Breuleux Village in Switzerland
  • Richard Mille’s basic watch models are as expensive as the middle range watch models of other luxury brands such as Rolex and Omega
  • Among the reasons why Richard Mille watches are very expensive is that they use the most exotic and precious materials on earth including lots of titanium and gold
  • Richard Mille involves their brand ambassadors in their watch model’s design process
  • Among the brand’s ambassadors are athletes Yohan Blake, Rafael Nadal and Felipe Massa
  • Besides athletes, the brand also has celebrity endorsers such as Jackie Chan, Natalie Portman, and the billionaire and adventure capitalist, Tom Perkins
  • The brand pioneered the use of titanium movement baseplate with a torque and function indicator and the carbon nanofiber baseplate which is among the most complex materials in the watchmaking history
  • The brand’s RM 006 Tourbillon is recognized as the world’s lightest mechanical tourbillon which features a carbon nanofiber baseplate
  • The Tourbillon RM 56-02 is currently the brand’s most expensive watch model at $2 million prices.

Richard Mille History Timeline

1999: After working at the French jewelry making company Mauboussin as the watchmaking department’s CEO, the Richard Mille founded his own business and named it Richard Mille S.A.

2001: After almost three years of preparation, Richard Mille’s first luxury watch, the RM 001 which has a tourbillon and features the new imagining of the classic tonneau case design was released

In the samey year, the RM 002 featuring a movement baseplate crafted from  titanium, which is the first in history was launched

2002: The RM 003 featuring dual time zones was launched

2003: The RM 008, a tourbillon which has split seconds chronograph was released. This model was the first model to have the split-second chrono design in the 21st century and remains as one of the brand’s most complicated watches

2004: The world’s lightest mechanical tourbillon, the RM 006 which bears the name of the world famous Brazilian racing driver Felipe Massa was released

2005: The Richard Mille RM07, the brand’s first ladies’ watch was launched

On the same year, the RM 009 Felipe Massa Tourbillon which is lighter than the RM 006 was launched

2006: The brand’s partnership with the yacht manufacturer Perini Navi was announced

2007: The RM 012 Tourbillon with skeletonized movement was created and made the brand win the Golden Hand Award at Grand Prix de l’Haute Horlogerie

The brand’s ‘breakout timepiece,’ the RM 011 was released. It has a chassis that displays fully skeletonized movement in 3D

2008: The RM 020, the brand’s first pocket watch was born

On the same year, the brand also released the RM 018 Tourbillon ‘Homage a Boucheron’ inspired by the legendary French jeweler Frederic Boucheron. These 30 limited edition watches are recognized as one of the brand’s most desired and beautiful achievements

2010: The brand’s iconic partnership with the tennis star Rafael Nadal was formed, and the RM 027 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon was launched

2011: The company entered another partnership, this time with the US golfer Bubba Watson and released the RM 038

2012: The RM 056 Tourbillon named after Felipe Massa was released. It was recognized as the most famous, expensive and daring luxury watch of the brand

On this year, the brand’s flight watch  RM039 Tourbillon Aviation E6-B Flyback Chronograph was also launched

2013: The brand entered with new more partnerships which include Yohan Blake and Jean Todt. The RM59-01 designed for Yohan Blake and RM036 Tourbillon G-Sensor Jean Todt were released

2014: The brand’s RM35-01 Rafael Nadal was released

2016: The brand released the 50 pieces RM011  Last Edition and was replaced by the RM11-03 which is a slick updated version of the RM011

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