RadoDurable. Beautiful. A watch for Life- This is what Rado claim in every piece of their creations. This Swiss watchmaking company that was founded 100 years ago combines high technology materials and creativity in producing high-quality and luxurious watches.

When it comes to the design perspective, Rado stands out from the rest of the competition. The brand creates stylish and jewelry-like watches that are famous to those who does not only look for high-quality watches but with edgy designs as well.

Let’s take a look at Rado’s 100 years of rich history and some of the interesting facts about this famous watch brand.

Interesting Facts About Rado

  • When Rado was initially founded, it was not as a watch making company but as a watch movement manufacturing factory only
  • The brand’s DiaStar 1 was the first known scratch resistant watch model in the world. It was Rado who pioneered the scratch-resistant technology on watches
  • The Rado V10K that was launched in 2002 hold a Guinness World Record as the hardest watch in the world created entirely out of sapphires and diamonds. The title was taken from its fellow Rado watch, the “Original” that has been holding the record from 1962
  • Rado won so many international design awards because of their constant innovation and development of new technology in creating timeless timepieces
  • The brand’s Esenza Ceramic Touch is the first touch technology ceramic watch in the world
  • True to being an innovative company, Rado is also the first to develop the notoriously hard to achieve colored ceramic for watches. They pioneered the development of black, brown, white and gray colored ceramics

Rado History Timeline

1917: The three Schlup brothers, Ernst, Fritz and Werner founded the watch-movement manufacturing company in Lengnau, Switzerland under the name Schlup & Co.

When the second world war ended, the Schlup & Co. became one of the largest producers of watch movements in the world

1957: The company celebrated its 40th anniversary. It was also the same year when the business was renamed to Rado, and the iconic Golden Horse Collection was launched

1958: The Green Horse Collection which is the brand’s first water resistant models was launched

1959: Rado became an international brand operating in more than 61 countries

1962: The brand launched the world’s first scratch-proof watch, the DiaStar 1. It was produced as a response to customers who demand comfortable, robust and exclusively-styled watches

1972: The first gold colored DialStar 1 was launched

1976: The minimalistic Rado Dia 67 featuring an innovative case construction covered by an entirely metalized sapphire crystal was introduced

1986: The launch of Rado Integral revolutionized the watch industry with its scratch-resistant and high-tech ceramic bracelet

1990: The use of high-tech ceramic became one of the brand’s signature materials. The Rado Ceramica which has a completely integrated watch case bracelet, made from high-tech ceramics and sapphire crystals was launched

1993: The Rado Sintra, the brand’s first watch made of a combined titanium-based ceramic and metal was launched

1996: Rado’s first ladies’ watch called DiaQueen, which is made of gold, ceramic and real diamonds was launched

1998: Rado Ceramic was the brand’s fits watch chosen to feature a patented plasma high-tech ceramic

1999: The Rado Cerix featuring a spiral-shaped bracelet was launched

2000: The innovative eSenza, the first Rado watch that was designed without a crown was introduced

2002: The world’s hardest watch, the Rado V10K which is made of a high-tech diamond and as resilient as a real diamond was presented to the public

2009: The r5.5 Collection, a masterpiece, and brainchild of the world-renowned British designer, Jasper Morrison was launched to honor the brand’s design heritage

2011: The True Thinline which measures 5mm, the brand’s ultra-slim ceramic masterpiece was launched

2012: The sporty-chic Rado HyperChrome which is built on the True Thinline’s case technology was introduced

2013: The eSenza touch with a simple touch and swipe capability and the HyperChrome Dual Timer with a touch-controlled timezone swapped functions.

2015: The chocolate brown high-tech ceramic was developed and added to the brand’s stylish and high-tech ceramic color palette

2017: The company celebrates its 100th founding anniversary. Through the years, they became a world-recognized brand due to their innovative designs and revolutionary materials used developing high-quality and super stylish watches

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