Louis Vuitton brand LogoFamous for its beige-on-chestnut monogram of intertwined LV logo, Louis Vuitton is an internationally recognized company producing high-quality luxury goods. This high-end fashion house produces leather goods, shoes, jewelry, accessories, handbags, watches, and trunks, with famous celebrity endorsers like Angelina Jolie, Michelle Williams, Madonna and much more.

Louis Vuitton has been in the industry for more than 160 years and been operating more than 460 stores in 50 different countries around the world. Despite the fact that there are dozens of luxury brands competing in the fashion world, Louis Vuitton was still able to secure their spot in the world’s most valuable luxury brands.

Interesting Facts About Louis Vuitton

  • All authentic Louis Vuitton bags are handmade
  • Louis Vuitton bags prices never mark down so you can never find a discounted LV bag unless it is a second hand or a counterfeit
  • To maintain their brand’s class and value, all unsold Louis Vuitton items are sent back to their factory, burnt or shredded out
  • The movie Sex and the City made the LV bags sale sky-rocketed, it was said that the film and LV demonstrate the best chemistry between a movie and a brand
  • LV Bags never goes out of fashion and doesn’t get damaged, they are all made waterproof and fireproof
  • All LV bags and accessories undergo vigorous and meticulous testing procedure before they sell it on the market
  • Louis Vuitton also created scrapbooks and pen collection
  • LV’s famous tumbler lock was developed by George Vuitton, Louis’ son
  • The last leader of the USSR Mikhail S. Gorbachev has starred in one of the brand’s campaign
  • Louis Vuitton brand is part of the LVMH group which also includes Givenchy and Christian Dior
  • Due to the fact that LV is among the world’s most counterfeited brands, the signature Monogram Canvas purpose of creation is to prevent counterfeiting
  • Louis Vuitton was ranked 14th in Forbes’ World’s Most Valuable Brands
  • Kanye West have used Louis Vuitton in his song lyrics for many times

Louis Vuitton History Timeline

1837: Louis Vuitton became an apprentice to Monsieur Marechal’s(a successful box and trunk maker) where he learned his skills and established his reputation as one of the best in his craft

1851: Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife, the Amperes of France hired Louis as her personal box-maker and packer

1858: Louis invented a new truck made from a gray canvas with a rectangular shape which became very successful commercially

1859: Because of his trunk’s success, Louis established a new workshop outside Paris and gained international clients

1870: The Franco-Prussian war came, and Louis’ business was interrupted

1872: A new and very appealing truck in beige canvas with red stripe was created, and it made Louis Vuitton become a luxury brand

1888: The Damier Canvas pattern was introduced and trademarked

1892: Georges Vuitton took over the business after the death of his father, Louis

1896: To fight against counterfeits, Georges introduced and patented the monogram canvas directly. This iconic monogram canvas was inspired by Japanese and Oriental designs from the Victorian era

1897: Georges’ son, Gaston-Louis Vuitton joined the company

1901: The LV steamer bag was created

1914: The world’s biggest luggage and travel accessories store was opened on the Champs-Elysees. After few years, new stores were opened in Washington, New York, Buenos Aires, Bombay and London

1930: The Keepall bag which is designed for travelers was introduced. Later, the small version designed for everyday use named LV Speedy was launched

1932: The custom made bag designed for a champagne producer was created. It was a bucket bag that could hold 4 to 5 bottles and was named Louis Vuitton Noe

1934: The Louis Vuitton Alma that was originally created on 1925 for Coco Chanel was introduced to the public

1936: Gaston took over the company upon the death of his father, Georges

1959: The monogram canvas was renewed

1970: Gaston-Louis Vuitton died

1985: The Company introduced their first leather line, the Epi Leather

1997: Marc Jacob became the company’s first creative director and designed their first ready-to-wear collection. The Monogram Vernis line and Louis Vuitton city guide was launched

2003: The multicolor monogram print( a standard monogram print in 33 different colors presented on a white and black background) was developed

2004: The 150th year anniversary of Louis Vuitton was celebrated

2006: The Nomad leather was introduced

2007: The Louis Vuitton which became the company’s all-time best-selling bag was launched

2008: The Damier Graphite and Sofia Coppola line was added to their collections

2013: Marc Jacob was replaced by Nicolas Ghesquire, and the Capucines bag was launched

2014: The Petit-Malle, a clutch-like bag inspired by the original trunk bags Louis Vuitton has created, was introduced and gave a new life to the company’s heritage

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