GIVENCHY Brand Logo 2Givenchy has always been associated with the word ‘luxury.’ We have seen award-winning artists such as Cate Blanchett, Alicia Keys and Rihanna wearing Givenchy dresses on the red carpet, and headline-making celebrities like Kendall Jenner carrying Givenchy bags in the paparazzi photos. We have also heard of some colleagues who are willing to starve themselves to save money and buy a Givenchy bag, perfume, shirt or accessories.

Like most of the top luxury brands in the fashion world, Givenchy also has a long history of luxury product-making and has many interesting stories that brand conscious people should know.

Interesting Facts About Givenchy

  • Givenchy’s most famous brand ambassador is the film and fashion icon, the British actress Audrey Hepburn
  • Princess Grace of Monaco, Elizabeth Taylor, and Beyonce Knowles are also among the famous personalities who love Givenchy
  • The House of Givenchy’s very first collection were all made of men’s white shirt material because of financial difficulties
  • The company founder, Hubert James Taffin de Givenchy won the Best Costume Design in the Academy Award for his creations in Sabrina, a film starring Audrey Hepburn
  • The Givenchy black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn on the Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the brand’s most expensive dress
  • Besides the movie Sabrina, Audrey Hepburn also wore Givenchy dresses in various other films including Funny Face, Bloodline and How To Steal A Million
  • Givenchy’s Antigona is the brand’s most famous It is available in many different colors, materials, and sizes
  • The Guinness and Kennedy families are also known patrons of Givenchy. Jackie Kennedy even wore a Givenchy clothes during the funeral of John F. Kennedy
  • Givenchy was the first designer to create a luxury RTW clothing line, and he named it Givenchy Universite

Givenchy History Timeline

1937: Hubert James Taffin de Givenchy visited the fashion pavilion at the Paris International Exhibition which raises his interest in fashion

1946: Givenchy was able to work with Lucien Lelong where he met the famous designer Christian Dior

1947: Givenchy was assigned as a boutique in charge where he has learned his knowledge about accessories while working for few years

1952: Givenchy founded his own fashion house and named it The House of Givenchy

1953: Givenchy met the iconic actress Audrey Hepburn who became the brand’s ambassador for forty years

1955: The House of Givenchy introduced the separates and Orlon fabric

1956: Givenchy made a history for being the first fashion designer to launch his collections to his clients and the press at the same time

1957: Audrey Hepburn wore Givenchy dresses in another movie, Funny Face

1961: Givenchy created Jackie Kennedy’s gown during her first Couple’s Visit to France and Audrey Hepburn’s wardrobe in another of her film, Breakfast At Tiffany’s

1963: During John F. Kennedy’s funeral, Jackie Kennedy was seen wearing a Givenchy dress

1973: The House of Givenchy’s men’s line called Gentleman Givenchy was launched

1979: Hubert de Givenchy was elected as the most elegant man and personality of the year by The Best Magazine

1985: During a celebration at the Opera in Paris, the French Minister of the Culture has given Givenchy the Oscar dedicated to the art of elegance

1988: Givenchy was sold to LVMH Group

1995: Hubert James Taffin de Givenchy retired from The House of Givenchy

1996: The Givenchy Men which is a more accessible men’s collection, was introduced

2003: Ozwald Boateng was appointed as the Givenchy men’s division’s artistic director

2005: Ricardo Tisci has been named as the house’s artistic director of womenswear. He changed the fashion house’s code by adding dark and sensual romanticism touch in his creations

2007: The House of Givenchy designed post stamps for the Valentine’s Day

2012: During the Academy Awards, a number of celebrities have worn Givenchy designs on the red carpet. The house also designed Madona’s costumes for her Sticky & Sweet Tour

2016: The House of Givenchy launched their brand’s sportswear collaboration with Nike for the 2016 Summer Olympics

2017: Ricardo Tisci has resigned from The House of Givenchy. It was also announced that the House of Givenchy will have Clare Waight Keller as the new creative director, she will take on all the house’s creative responsibilities, including the RTW, Haute Couture, and accessories collections

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