Fendi Brand LogoFearless luxury- these are the best words to describe Fendi. This luxury fashion house officially founded in Rome, Italy continues to amaze not just the streets of Europe but the whole world with their innovative and elegant creations. Some of their timeless creations that were recognized worldwide were the fur accessories and “Baguette bags.” But what is the story behind the success of this company that made them famous throughout the whole world?

The history of Fendi will bring us back to the year 1918. It was when Adele Casagrande established her fur and leather shop in one of the streets in central Rome, and when she got married to Edoardo Fendi, they changed the name of the business to Fendi. With the couple’s hard work and dedication, and with the help of their five daughters and new additions to the company, this simple leather and fur shop became one of the most popular multinational luxury brands in the world as the time went by.

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Interesting facts about Fendi

  • The German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is the creative director of Fendi who has been working with the company for more than 50 years. While working with Fendi, he also works for Chanel and on his own label
  • Among the famous personalities who wear Fendi are Victoria Beckham, Amy Adams, Beyonce, Paris Hilton and Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Besides leather goods and fur, among the fashion items that Fendi produces are perfumes, accessories, eyewear, shoes and timepieces
  • To help with the restoration of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, the company invested more than two million euros for the project.
  • The Baguette is the most famous Fendi handbag design of all time which was created by Silvia Venturini Fendi in the year 1997. It was later on produced in different and unusual materials and became a collector’s item
  • It was the year 1930 to 1940 when Fendi started gaining popularity outside Rome
  • It was the five Fendi sisters who notice the talent of the then up and coming German designer Karl Lagerfeld, who later on changed the game of the business
  • Kanye West sported the Fending logo by shaving it in his head

Fendi’s History Timeline

1918: Adele Casagrande established her first leather and fur shop in Via del Plebiscito, Rome

1925: Adele together with his husband Edoardo Fendi changed the name of the business to Fendi

1930-1940: Fendi products became popular and reached to the other cities in Italy

1946: Paola, the eldest of Fendi sisters, started working for the company and was later on joined by her younger sisters

1962: Fendi sisters hired German designer Karl Lagerfeld who immediately created the inverted FF Fendi logo

1965: Fendi began using dyed and tanned furs to their creations

1966: Under the direction of Karl Lagerfeld, the company’s first couture collection was released which gained the world’s attention

1968: Fendi handbags made their very first appearance in the United States due to Marvin Traub’s discovery of their products and expanded the business in the Japanese market.

1969: Fendi launched their very first RTW fur collection

1977: The company started the RTW apparel collection with the same principle and style with the original Fendi products

1984: Fendi began creating jeans, sunglasses, home furnishings, gloves, ties and scarves

1985: The ‘Fendi-Karl Lagerfeld, a working history’ was exhibited at The National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. It was also the same year when Fendi perfume for women was launched

1988: The limited edition Selleria Collection(handmade collections from Adele Fendi) was released

1990: Fendi began producing men’s collection

1997: Silvia Venturini Fendi led the creation of Fendi Baguette

2001: The LVMH Group took over the share of Prada in Fendi House

2004: The LVMH Group became Fendi’s sole owner

2005: Palazzo Fendi, which houses the largest Fendi boutique in the world with some studios and fur atelier, was opened in Rome

2006: Fendi created and launched the B-bag

2007: The company staged a fashion show at the Great Wall of China, they are the very first fashion house to have done this. It was also reported as one of the longest fashion shows ever

2009: Fendi Peekaboo was launched which became a best-seller a few years later

2014: Fendi launched an app that customers can download and use to create their Baguette bag design

2016: Fendi celebrated their company’s 90th anniversary at the Palazzo Carpegna and the newly restored Trevi Fountain in Rome where numbers of famous personalities were invited

Until this day, Fendi is still creating impressive, must-have collections that are continuously attracting customers worldwide.

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