Coach Brand LogoCoach is world renowned luxury fashion company that has been providing men and women high-quality and timeless fashion items for so many years. From a small business producing high-quality leather bags, the then small business’ quality and unique products brought them success.

A family-owned and run business, the rich history of one of the world’s leading design houses stretches back to the year 1941. The company founder’s inspiration is a baseball glove which encouraged him to work with six artists to create 12 handbags with the same leather material and exceptional craftsmanship of a baseball glove. As time went by, their products continuously gained the attention of consumers, and with the help of Bonnie Cashion and other hired experts, and new innovations, Coach made its way to the list of famous and trusted designer brands not just in the US but throughout the globe.

As of early 2017, there were already hundreds of Coach stores in North America and other parts of the globe including Asia and Europe. Aside from these stores, the company continues to widen their reach by having their own boutiques in various department stores, retailer locations, and distributor-operated shops. They also operate e-commerce websites in different countries.

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Interesting Facts About the Coach Brand

  • Baseball glove is the inspiration for the first Coach’s bag design
  • Manhattan Leather Bags is the original name of Coach
  • Coach’s corporate headquarter is located in Manhattan, New York
  • When Coach started, they were only creating men’s leather bags
  • Coach’s signature logo (horse and carriage) was formed in 1959.
  • Bonnie Cashin’s creation brought a new life to the company.
  • The company reached the peak of success under the direction of Reed Krakoff
  • It is also Reed Krakoff who introduced the Signature canvas material to Coach
  • The couple Miles and Lillian Cahn purchased Coach after working with the company for few years.
  • Coach has more than 430 stores in North America alone, and a total of 520 more in other locations overseas.
  • Their e-commerce website is available in different countries including Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, China, Canada and the United States

Coach Inc.’s Historical Timeline

  • 1941 – The company was founded in a Manhattan loft as a family-run workshop
  • 1946 – Miles Cahn started working with the company
  • 1950 – Cahn took over the business, working for its owners
  • 1960 – Coach started creating women’s handbags through Cahn’s wife’s suggestion
  • 1961 – Miles Cahn together with his wife Lillian finally bought the company’s ownership after a decade of working with the owners. This was also the same year when they hired the sportswear expert Bonnie Cashin who turned the company around. She introduced her new creations of Coach bags with the brass toggle closures and bright colored materials.
  • 1969 – Coach began to market  the structured bucket and fringe bags
  • Late 1970s and Early 1980s – Coach started the mail-order business and opened their own specialty stores
  • 1983 – Miles and Lillian Chan bought a 300-acre dairy farm in Vermont and named it Coach Farm where they began raising goats and marketing goat cheese.
  • 1985 – When the Cahn couple realized that their children don’t want to take over Coach, they decided to sell the company and entered an agreement with Sara Lee Corporation. Lew Frankfurt then took over the company’s presidency and began a rapid expansion.
  • 1986 – The company opened their own boutiques in various department stores in New York and San Francisco
  • 1987 – Coach opened a two-storey store on Madison Avenue, New York
  • 1988 – The company’s very first non-leather product was introduced
  • 1989 – The company began broadening their reach in international market and open store in Europe and Asian countries
  • 1990s – Creative director Reed Krakoff expanded Coach’s product lines and introduced the signature canvas material
  • 1991 – Coach’s annual sales reached $150 million. They also started creating new line of products to market under their name
  • 1992 – The company began to offer outerwears made of leather
  • 1997 – They entered their first licensing agreement with Movado Group  to use their name on a line of watches developed by the watch company
  • 1999 – Coach launched their e-commerce website coach.com
  • 2000 – Through the IPO, Sara Lee sold the 17% of Coach, Inc. to the public
  • 2006 – Coach, Inc.’s Legacy Collection of Handbags was introduced as a celebration of the company’s 65th anniversary
  • 2012 – Coach teamed up with many artists to produce a collection of limited edition handbags
  • 2015 – Coach bought the shoe company, Stuart Weitzman for 574M cash

At present, Coach, Inc continues their progress on the way to being one of the most famous luxury brands in the fashion world.

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