BVLGARI Brand LogoKnown for its exceptional quality, sophisticated and bold creations, Bvlgari Company which started in 1884 creates iconic and show-stopping jewelry and watches that are recognized worldwide. The brand’s popularity was extraordinary that they were able to create a status like no other brands, and even the world-popular and influential people like Naomi Watts and the late Elizabeth Taylor were fans.

Bvlgari has more than 130 years history of a long journey to success and today, the brand is not only known for jewelry and timepieces, but they also expanded their offerings to fragrances, handbags, accessories and even hotels.

Interesting Facts About Bvlgari

  • The name of the business was taken from its founder’s last name, Sotirios The letter V in the word is a Latin alphabet character for U, so the name is read as “Bulgari”
  • Bvlgari is among the oldest jewelry houses that originated from Italy
  • Even though the company was established in Italy, the founder Sotirios Voulgaris was not born Italian. He was a Greek immigrant who moved to Rome at a very young age to use his skills
  • The unique style of Bvlgari creations is easily recognizable by their Greek, Italian, Roman, Parisian and Art Deco styles
  • The brand’s largest store is not located in Italy but in Tokyo, Japan. It’s their 10-story Bvlgari Ginza Tower
  • Voulgaris’ two sons, Constantino and Giorgio were also involved in their father’s business and had worked with the business in their entire lives
  • The brand’s Serpenti collection was produced using the Tubogas technique
  • A custom-designed Bvlgari ring owned by a European collector in the 1960s and the two stone diamond Bvlgari ring that was bought by an Asian collector in 1972 were among the list of most expensive jewelry in the whole world

Bvlgari History Timeline

1884: Sotirios Voulgaris opened his first store after working with several jobs in Italy

1905: With the help of his sons, Voulgaris opened his second store in Via Dei Condotti

1932: Sotirios Voulgaris died, and his son Giorgio and Constantino continued their father’s legacy and expanded the business.

1934: The company used the Latin V epigraphy of their family in their logo and revealed it to the public at their newly renovated store in Italy

1940s: The brand introduced their very first timepiece which is inspired by the Art Deco period. It was called the Snake-watch

1943: During the time of the second world war, Constantino Voulgaris and his wife, Laura opened their home for the three Jewish women and hid them from the Roman Ghetto. For this generous action, they were awarded “Righteous Among the Nations” in Jerusalem

1960: The brand gained tremendous popularity, and their growing clientele includes political figures, Italian nobles, American businessmen, diplomats and more.

1966: After Giorgio’s death, his son Gianni together with his cousin Marina, led the company

1970s: The company continued their expansion and entered the international market by opening stores in New Yor, Paris, Geneva and Monte –Carlo

1977: The brand’s first iconic watch collection named “Bulgari Bulgari” was launched. It was also the same year when the iconic watch Bvlgari Roma was launched

1980: The Bulgari Time was founded in Switzerland

1985: Gianni resigned from his position in the company as a CEO

1987: Gianni then sold his one-third stake in the business to his brothers Paolo and Nicola, and left the company. Their nephew, Francesco Trapani took over the CEO position

1990s: The first Bvlgari perfume line was launched, and the company has established itself in the industry. The brand became well known worldwide

1995: The company was listed in Italy’s Stock Exchange called Borsa Italiana

1997: The company’s revenue started skyrocketing, and on the year 2003, the business gained 150% revenue growth

2001: The company entered partnership with various luxury groups to launch a luxury hotel brand

2004: The first Bvlgari Hotel was opened in Milan

2006: A resort in Bali, Indonesia was opened. This was also the year when the complicated Assioma Multi Complication watch was launched at the BaselWorld

2009:  Bvlgari started giving donations to the non-government organization, Save The Children which provides support and relief to children in various developing countries

2012:  Bvlgari London was opened

2016: Bvlgari Hotels & Resorts announced the launching of Bvlgari Residences Shanghai in fall 2017

Today, Bvlgari owns about 300 stores worldwide and continues to develop new high-quality and unique luxury pieces

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