BreguetThe symbol of today’s watchmaking mastery’ and ‘the brand of the Master watchmaker,’ these are just a few of the popular tags associated with the brand Breguet. This luxury watch company founded in 1775 is one of the oldest surviving watchmaking companies in the world today.

Breguet is also one of the most accomplished watch brands having developed some of the most important inventions in the history of horology and being able to dominate the European courts and high society during the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

Let us discover the fascinating facts about this classic and distinctive watch brand and their rich history of watchmaking.

Interesting Facts About Breguet

  • The brand’s founder Abraham-Louis Breguet is often called as the ‘greatest horologist of all time’
  • Among the most significant inventions of Breguet are the tourbillon and automatic winding mechanisms
  • The Breguet Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette Number 160 is the brand’s most expensive watch. Though this reproduction watch is not for sale, the company receives several offers of at least $10 million to buy this watch
  • Breguet does not have celebrity endorsers, as they don’t need to pay endorsers to promote their watches
  • The Breguet brand is a household name in Russia and has been worn by the Russian royalty for centuries
  • If Marie-Antoinette and Napoleon Bonaparte are still alive, they might be the brand’s best endorsers
  • The Russian leader Vladimir Putin also owns a Breguet watch

Breguet History Timeline

1775: Abraham-Louis Breguet set up his own business in Paris

1780: The first self-winding watches called ‘perpetuelles’ was launched

1783: The Breguet hands and the Breguet’s Arabic Numerals was designed

1786: The first guilloche dials were invented

1789: The Breguet key was created

1790: The ‘pare-chute’ anti-shock device was designed

1796: The first subscription watch was developed and produced

1798: The constant force escapement was patented, and the musical chronometer was invented

1801: The tourbillon regulator was patented

1812: The first wristwatch ordered by the Queen of Naples was completed, and the dials with off-center hour ring appeared for the first time

1819: The Ocular of an astronomical telescope was invented

1820: The observation chronometer was invented

1823: Abraham-Louis Breguet died at the age of 76

1830: The first watch with keyless winding was created

1834: The Sympathique clock was patented

1838: England’s Queen Victoria purchased a Breguet watch

1939: The siderial timekeeper was patented

1972: New wristwatch models included in a new Classic line were introduced

1988: As a tribute to its inventor, the brand’s Classic line was enriched by a tourbillon wristwatch

1990: The new Sympathique watch with wristwatch was created, and the Marine line was launched

1991: The wristwatch with perpetual equation of time was patented

1995: The Type XX line was launched

1997: The straight-line perpetual calendar watch movement with an instant year jump was launched

1998: The world’s smallest self-winding chronograph movement was included in the brand’s Marine line

1999: The Swatch Group acquired the Groupe Horloger Breguet

2001: The company celebrated tourbillon’s 200th anniversary

2002: The moon-phase mechanism in Reine de Naples watches was patented

2004: The self-winding tourbillon movement was developed

2005: The Traditional line was launched

2006: The silicon and its application in manufacturing was developed, and a wristwatch with two regulators called ‘Twin Tourbillon’ was created

2007: The brand’s Tradition 7047 Grande Complication Fusee Tourbillon was launched

2008: The Marie-Antoinette No 160 was reproduced based on pictures and descriptions

2009: The Classique 7637 Grande Complication Minute Repeater was introduced

2010: A shock-protection device called magnetic pivot was invented, and the Tradition 7047 with tourbillon and a chain type transmission was launched

2011: The magnetic strike governor called La Musicale was developed, and the Classique Hora Mundi 5717 equipped with the world’s first instant dual time zone device was launched

2012: The Tradition 7067 GMT was launched, and the Tradition line got its first time-zone model

2013: The Classique Chronometrie 7727 which integrates the very first invented magnetic pivot  was launched

2014: The Classique Tourbillon Extra-Plat Automatique 5377 was launched

2016: The brand was awarded at the start of their exhibition in Geneva. The brand also launched their new ladies’ timepieces in their Reine de Naples, Classique and Tradition line

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