Bell & Rose Brand LogoBell & Rose watch brand was popularized in 1992 by two successful entrepreneurs namely Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo. Bruno stands as the designer of the watches while Carlos steers the business. They created timepieces with high-technology advances for professionals such as aviators, astronauts, and divers.

While most of the company’s daunting competitors have strengthened their firms for over decades, some even for more than centuries, Bell & Rose company strives the market with their innovative, pioneer timepieces that fright other rivals. In fact, Bell & Rose is one of the world’s respected watch brands. Their products cost top-dollar, and there are a million reasons why.

The Bell & Rose watches are not your regular ticking wristwatches. Indeed, they are a premium in quality with state-of-the-art features. For instance, other water resistant watches can go 200 meters deep in their maximum capability, but Bell & Rose’ can go as deep as 1000 meters.

Aside from their professional marine watches, they also have nautical watches mostly installed in square-type cases equipped with unique hands and ergonomic dials. And, believe me, their watches are not the conservative type but rather luxurious kinds.

Here are some of Bell & Rose facts you might find interesting.

Interesting Facts About Bell & Rose

  • Bell & Rose created a tattooed-wristwatch with skull design. For other aficionados, the watch may be somewhat off the mainstream. However, the watch is “perfect” for the men with strong lyrics in life. The watch(es) is called Burning Skull.
  • The brand name is a morpheme of Belamich (Bel; Belle) and Rosillo (Ros; Rose).
  • Bell & Rose created their in-house quartz line they called the BR S.
  • Most marine wristwatches of Bell & Rose contain hydraulic fluid to better manage pressure when deep down the water.
  • Bell & Rose company once partnered Sinn, a German-based wristwatch company. The partnership ended in 2002.
  • The company may be headquartered in France, but they manufacture in Switzerland making them eligible to be called Swiss-made.
  • In an auction held in Paris, the BR03 Aviation type (carbon finish) watch was sold in price 308% higher than the original price. The Pilot Aeronavale Sapphire that originally cost€6100 was sold with 363% increase. The prices almost tripled.
  • Bruno and Carlos are childhood friends, and together they established their own watchmaking firm.
  • There were only 150 produced Pilot Aeronavale watch.
  • Bell & Rose today focuses on three wristwatch models: Vintage, Aviation, and Marine.

History Timeline of Bell & Rose

1992: The Bell & Rose company was established by two high-spirited men, Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo.

1993: Space One and Hydro model watches were invented that turned the spotlight for the Bell & Rose – the innovative watches were primarily designed for the aerospace and marine professionals.

1994: Space 1 automatic chronometer watch was re-issued and was worn by the German astronaut Reinhart Furrer in a space mission in the cold seasons of 1983. The watch is referred to be the first automatic chronometer to reach the space.

1997: Bell & Rose received the World Water Resistance award for their Hydro Challenger watch that can go deep as 11,000 meters – 36,000 feet.

1998: Chanel Horlogerie (a branch of Chanel enterprise) had a shareholding in Bell & Rose’ capital.

2000: The share of Chanel to Bell & Rose increased. However, Bell & Rose managed to keep the majority of its capital.

2002: The company introduced the first jumping hour hand with power reserve indicator. The watch offered simplicity with uncompromised precision and functionality.

2002: Bell & Rose became an independent enterprise with its premises located in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland.

2003: The Mystery Diamond quality was added in the female horology.

2005: An airplane clock was invented as the fruit of the BR 01 instrument that was just introduced.

2015: The Baselworld models started with newer innovations and modern designs.

In many professional fields that demand efficient time tracking, finding the perfect watch is crucial. It becomes paramount in our life as it can influence us in defining whether how well we control our time. Perhaps, if you are one of the aficionados that are in search for a luxurious watch that can do the job, the Bell & Rose watches are just waiting for you. The legibility of their craftsmanship along with the high-precision quality and ergonomic aesthetics will add comfort to your wrist and more undeniably in your life.

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