Armani Brand Logo

Armani Different LogosThe Italian Fashion House of Armani is a world-renowned high-end brand producing men and women’s clothes, accessories, glasses, perfumes and cosmetics. The brand is quickly acknowledged with their unique logo, a curved G completing a curve A that forms a circle.

Because of their unique and iconic creations, Armani was able to establish themselves as a premium luxury brand. They have a variety of collections under their brands that can be seen in their own boutiques, in high-end department stores and their websites, such as the Emporio Armani, Armani Prive, Armani Exchange, Armani Collezioni, Armani Casa, Armani Junior and Armani Jeans.

Let us take a look on how Armani reached their success in the fashion world and some fascinating facts about their brand collections

Interesting Facts About Armani

  • The brand Armani has sub-brands targeting different types of consumers. The Emporio Armani is for ages 25 to 35, while the Giorgio Armani is for ages 36-50.
  • The fashion house’s founder, Giorgio Armani was a medicine student and went into military service in his younger years, and has never smoked cigarette
  • Armani has designed many suits and outfits for various athletes and sports events
  • Due to the anorexia problems in the fashion industry, Armani was the first to ban models who have body mass index lower than 18
  • Armani has also designed uniforms for Italy’s police force and Milanese taxi drivers
  • Armani has become a famous designer for movies and designed outfits for Ocean’s 13, Batman, Wolf of the Wall Street and many more
  • It was Armani who popularized the bomber jackets after releasing it in his own brand’s menswear collection
  • Besides apparels, accessories, and jewelry, Armani brand also makes chocolates, cookies, and other sweets
  • It was Armani who made the city of Milan famous and the leading fashion center

Armani History Timeline

1960s: Giorgio Armani works as a freelance designer for various garment factories and later on met the architectural draftsman, Sergio Galleoti who inspired him to open his own office

1970s: Armani’s designs reached a wider customer base when he started freelancing for famous fashion houses like Hilton and Allegri. He also created the iconic leather bomb jackets

1975: Armani, together with Galleoti founded the Giorgio Armani S.p.A in Milan

1976: The Fashion House of Armani launched their first Spring/Summer collection for men and women

1979: The brand’s American branch, called Giorgio Armani Corporation was founded, and the ‘Mani’ line for men and women was introduced

It was also the same year when the Giorgio Armani brand launched the Le Collezioni line

1980s: Other lines were added to the brand including Armani Jeans, Emporio Armani and Armani Junior which targets the young and more stylish consumers. The brand’s trademark logo appeared on jeans, shoes, and t-shirts

The brand also designed costumes for Richard Gere’s film, American Gigolo which made him establish his name in the movie industry

1985: When Armani’s long-term business partner Sergio Galleoti passed away, he became the company’s sole owner

The brand also provided wardrobe for the television series Miami Vice and dressed some of the famous celebrities on the red carpet including John Travolta and Michelle Pfeifer

1989: Armani’s first restaurant was opened and bought a clothing manufacturing company

1990s: The company had successfully expanded their business to the other sides of the world. They operated more than 200 stores worldwide and continued to produce new lines of products including home goods

2000: The replacement for Giorgio Armani Le Colezzioni lines, the Armani Collezioni, was launched

2004: The Emporio Armani label and the accessories called EA7 was launched

2005: The brand already has 500 retail stores worldwide with boutiques in major department stores

2007: The luxurious Armani Residences with 144 private residence homes in Burj Khalifa was unveiled.

2010: Armani’s first hotel in the Burj Khalifa building where Armani Residences are also located, was opened. He was also recognized as the Best Designer at the GQs Men of the Year Awards

2011: The Armani Hotel Milano was launched

2014: Armani remained the sole owner of his brand which earned him recognition as the most successful Italian designer

As of 2017, Armani is still one of the most well-known and strongest brands in the fashion industry and continues to move into different territories around the world.

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